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What is Java Online Exam Help?

Java Online Exam Help is for those students who face challenges in understanding the concepts of Java language. It is an online platform that offers exam help and assignment assistance on over 200 major subjects including Java. We have highlighted some important topics in Java that is asked by many students and is also assigned by many colleges and universities.

Subjects we cover

Java is an object-oriented programming language that is used for developing application like cell phones, game consoles, etc. In Java Online Exam Help, we have mentioned about some of the important and unique concepts in Java.

  • Garbage Collection in Java- In memory management section of Java, there are mainly three concepts included- regarding static variables, static methods, garbage collection and memory allocation. There are instances when programmer declares a variable and never uses it, so in such case Garbage collector detects these undefined or unused objects in order to free the memory allocation. And this technique is called garbage collection. This is an automatic technique inn Java. Hence, there is no need to explicitly handle these objects, as it is taken by the Garbage Collector (GC).
  • Static Variable- the variable that belong to the class and are initialized only once during the execution of the program, is known as a static variable. These type of variables can be accessed directly by their class name and do not require help of any object for the same. The method that can access only static data and belongs to the class is known as a static method. These type of methods cannot access the instance variables. Now these static data are initialized within a block, which in java is known as Static block. To learn more about static method and variables, please refer Java Online Exam Help.
  •  Memory Allocation- In simple terms, memory allocation means a virtual memory is allocated for the storage of variables. It is further divided into four sections- heap, static, stack and code. The heap section of memory contains all the objects whereas the stack contains reference variables, local variables and methods. In static section, all static methods or static data are stored whereas in the code section, bytecode is stored. To have an in-depth idea on how this works, students can request us for Java Online Exam Help.

We also cover other Java topics like multithreading, constructor, sorting, palindrome number, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, spring, Try Catch, Interface, etc.

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